1 John Bible Study Guide

1 John | 1 | 2:1-14 | 2:15-29 | 3:1-10 | 3:11-24 | 4 | 5:1-10 | 5:11-21 | PDF |

1, 2, and 3 John Bible Study Guide – 12 Free Online Inductive Lessons With Questions

Our 1 John Bible study guide contains 12 online lessons. Each lesson goes through one passage in verse by verse chunks. Discussion questions can help you get the most out of the text or teach a small group Bible study. And the commentary adds practical insights which can help you understand the text more deeply.

These letters are John’s follow ups to his wonderful gospel. When most people think of John’s letters they think of one word, “love.” And they are right to do so. Do you know how many times the word “love” is found in 1 John? Forty-four! Love is the greatest of all of Christ’s attributes that He wants us to copy in our lives. Jesus told His disciples that people would recognize them by their love. John never forgot this.

As Christians we are called to love. Love should permeate all we do. Love for God comes first. Beyond this we are called to love all of those around us with the love of Christ. The thing about love is that it easy to say we love others, but much harder to actually do. Love is an action, a decision, a behavior, not just an emotion.

There is not a person on earth who cannot grow in the area of love. So we hope that as you study through these letters you will be inspired to find practical and specific applications on ways you can love those around you more. We hope that at the end of the study, those around you will be able to see the difference.

Our Bible study guide can be used for your own personal study, and are very helpful as a resource for teachers to use in leading a small group Bible study. For this purpose we have included many discussion questions which can help guide discussion in your group. You can also use the questions to guide your own study of the passage. The 12 free lessons below include studies on 2 and 3 John. Be sure to share with us in the comments your thoughts on what you have learned!

Complete 1 John E-book Bible Study Guide – If you enjoy this study, download our complete study on 1 John for convenient access on any device wherever you go. Or you can get the paperback version from Amazon.

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