Inductive James Bible Study Guide – 9 Free Online Lessons With Questions

Our James Bible study guide contains 9 free lessons. Of all the sixty-six books in the Bible, James is likely the most practical. It is an excellent choice to study in your own small group. James was the half-brother of Jesus and the leader of the Jerusalem church. Many important themes are found inside this letter.

The relationship between faith and works, joy in the face of trials, having a godly business, wisdom from above versus wisdom in this world, hearing and obeying the word, and powerful prayers are just a few of the practical topics we find in this book.

If you study it with an open heart and by the leading of the Spirit, your life is sure to be transformed. Our website is called Study and Obey because we believe that every believer is called to carefully study His Words. These convict us, encourage us, and change us. But then we must obey them. Empty knowledge will not help. It must be followed up by obedience. This is shown clearly in the book of James which says that we must be “doers” and not just “hearers.” Please share with us what you are going to do to obey the passage in the comments after each lesson.

James Bible Study Guide – You can get our complete James Bible study as a downloadable E-book or a paperback version from Amazon.

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