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Hosea Inductive Bible Study Guide – Small Group Studies with Discussion Questions

Hosea’s ministry took place during the latter divided kingdom period before the Assyrian exile of the Northern Kingdom and the Babylonian exile of the Southern Kingdom. It was a time of rebellion and apostasy. God’s people did not follow Him as their God, but turned to idols. In return for God’s faithfulness, they constantly spurned him and their hearts turned after deaf and mute idols, who would not and could not keep them accountable for their sins.

Into this society, God sent the prophet Hosea to warn of His coming judgment. But Hosea was not just a normal prophet with a normal message. His message would become larger than life as God used his very life as a visible object lesson. The book of Hosea is most famous for God’s command to Hosea to marry a lady who would later betray him. Hosea had to enter a covenant with her and commit himself to her, even knowing what she would become. The marriage picture of Hosea’s faithfulness and unconditional love, contrasted with Gomer’s treachery is a powerful depiction of God’s love and faithfulness to His people, and their faithlessness.

The book not only teaches us important history about Israel, but shows us amazing lessons of love, forgiveness, and commitment as well as justice. Practical lessons which are relevant to our lives today abound. Spouses will learn about the meaning of real love. Those with broken relationships will learn about forgiveness. And all will come to a deeper understanding of our own sin and a deeper appreciation of God’s mercy and grace, learning that the only place to find true fulfillment is in the arms of God.

With over fifteen years of leading small group Bible studies through over thirty books of the Bible, Moody graduate Jason Dexter has developed this practical teaching aid filled with resources to help you get the most out of Hosea.

Join with us in studying this amazing story and see how God will lead you to obey the lessons inside! The study is in progress now and more will be added soon.

Hosea Bible Study Guide
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We hope you enjoy studying Hosea in your own small group.

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