Mark Bible Study Guide – 36 Free Online Lessons With Questions

Mark is the shortest of all of the gospels. What does that mean? It means non-stop action as the highlights of Jesus’ life in ministry are compressed into sixteen chapters. We highly recommend the book of Mark as a starting book for new believers to study or a Bible study group’s first book to inductively study together. The length of the book is ideal as it can be covered in a shorter time than the other gospels, but the meat is still there. Mark was also written for a non-Jewish audience so it easier to understand for most people who don’t have a background in the Old Testament.

Whether you are starting out in your discovery of the Bible, or just want to have a fresh look, we believe that our inductive verse by verse study of this book can help you gain new understanding of this marvelous book. The notes found within are designed to help lead a small group Bible study, but are equally useful for personal study and reflection.

You will find extensive discussion questions, which can be used to help your small group approach this text openly in order to personally discover the rich truths within. Jesus Himself asked the disciples and others many questions in His minister. And we believe that those who are challenged to think and consider the text for themselves will be both more likely to remember it and to obey it. Begin studying today, and then obey!

Pick an online lesson from the Mark Bible study guide below to begin.

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