Inductive Studies in Psalms – Small Group Studies with Discussion Questions

Psalm 119 is known for being the longest chapter in the Bible. But few people have ever studied it in depth. You will find that almost every verse is packed with truth about God’s Word. If you are looking to develop a deeper appreciation for God’s Word, you will find it here. Scripture is indeed alive and active, able to pierce our hearts and change our ways of thinking and our very lives.

The Bible studies here can help you have a guide to study through this chapter verse by verse. Discussion questions can center your own meditation or help small group Bible study teachers facilitate open and meaningful discussion about the text.

Have you ever heard the phrase “let the Bible interpret itself?” That is where cross-references come in. These provide excellent resources for better understanding the text in front of you by pointing you to other similar passages with similar principles.

As you study through, please leave your thoughts in the comments section to share what the Lord has been speaking to you.

In addition to the studies in Psalms 119, we are adding a selection of other popular Psalms as well.

Psalms E-book – If this study is helpful for you, download our Psalms Bible study guide the e-book version, or get the paperback from Amazon.

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