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Galatians Bible Study Guide – 12 Free Online Lessons With Questions

Our Galatians Bible study contains 12 online lessons. Each lesson will help you go through one passage in order to understand and apply it to your own life.

In Galatians we see that the Jews in the first century debated the core truths of their faith. Out of many themes in the book of Galatians, the law and faith is one that comes up over and over again. Need a Jew follow the law? What is the importance of rituals to believers today? And what is the relationship between rituals and faith?

The book of Galatians is so deep and full it is hard to sum up in a few words. Of course the most famous passage is in chapter five on the fruit of the Spirit. No matter how foreign the concept of legalism to the Mosaic law is to us today, the key universal principles here are very practical. Each chapter and passage can serve to build up the foundations of our faith and remind us to serve God from a pure heart.

E-Book – You can access the complete online study of Galatians by downloading our e-book here.

Paperback Book – You can also order a paperback version of the complete Study Galatians book from Amazon.

Pick a lesson from our Book of Galatians Bible study guide below and start to unearth the treasures within!

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