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For the last fifteen years, I have led weekly inductive Bible studies for groups of college students and young adults. We go chapter by chapter and verse by verse through books of the Bible with an occasional topical study or character study. As someone who has spent extensive time preparing every week, I know it is helpful to have some resources to use, both for personal study of the Word or for leading a Bible discussion. Now I want to share these resources with other believers who desire to dig into Scripture. You can use them for your own personal study or as a guide to lead a small group Bible study.

These study notes contain outlines, cross-references, Bible study discussion questions, lessons to learn, and applications. Feel free to print them or share them. You may also copy some or all of the online, but if you do please submit a link to us.

Please remember these are are personal study notes and are only meant as a supplement to your own study, not a replacement. We benefit the most from God’s Word when we study it for ourselves. I also encourage you to save your own studies so that over time your collection can grow. Whenever you read a book you have already studied before you will already have the notes from your previous studies to review.

We actively update this page and upload new studies as well as update old studies so check back if you cannot find what you are looking for.

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