1 Timothy Free Bible Study Guide

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1 Timothy Bible Study Guide – 12 Free Online Lessons With Questions

Our 1 Timothy Bible study contains 12 practical lessons. Each lesson is filled with resources to help you get the most of your study of 1 Timothy including: discussion questions, cross-references, life application points, and commentary.

Paul calls Timothy his ‘true son in the faith.’ He is one of Paul’s closest disciples and friends, having ministered together with Paul throughout the missionary journeys. In this book, Paul shows us an important model of how to follow up and continue to disciple those he has mentored. Discipleship is more than just teaching or giving of facts. It is a relationship. It is a lifestyle.

In addition to the lessons on discipleship, 1 Timothy gives us many insights into church life. Since Timothy was pastoring a church and ordaining leaders, Paul gave him many principles about how believers in the church should live. Some of the important topics in Timothy include prayer, worship, gender roles, leadership structure, false teachings, and money.

With only six chapters it is a great book to dive into for 2-3 months for a small group Bible study. Not only can you learn many important doctrines, but the lessons inside are rich with practical application. We hope as you study this book with us you will grow in your own faith and just as Paul did, pass it on to the next generation of believers!

1 Timothy Study Guide Book – You can get our complete 1 Timothy Bible study as a downloadable E-book or a paperback version from Amazon.

Pick an online lesson from our 1 Timothy Bible study guide below to get started.

1 Timothy Bible Study Guide

We hope you enjoy studying 1 Timothy in your own small group.

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