Philemon Bible Study Guide – 3 Free Lessons With Discussion Questions

Philemon is the shortest letter Paul ever wrote. However, it is also perhaps the most personal. Philemon had a slave who ran away to Rome, Onesimus. While in Rome he came in to contact with Paul and became a believer. The letter to Philemon was sent by Paul to encourage him in accepting and forgiving Onesimus upon his return.

The theme of love, acceptance, and forgiveness is powerful and moving. The letter is a nice book to go over for any Bible study group. Since it short it will only take 1-3 weeks. But you will be inspired to improve your own relationships with those close to you and to forgive others as Christ has forgiven us.

We hope as you study through these notes they will be a valuable resource in helping you lead your own Bible study group. And please do share your comments with us after each lesson so we can learn from your insights as well.

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