Inductive Studies in Judges – Small Group Studies with Discussion Questions

I enjoyed leading our Bible study group through the book of Judges. The historical stories found here are deeply meaningful. They teach us so much about God and also so much about people. As you go through this book, you will see a circle of behavior repeated by God’s people who seem to never learn from their mistakes.

First they fall into sin. So God sends a nation to disciple them and remind them that sin has consequences. The people then cry out to God for help in their despair. He hears their cries and sends a deliverer, a judge, who saves them by His power. After that the people learn their lesson and serve Him faithfully, right? No! After a time has past they drift away from God again.

Whether you find that you sometimes also drift away from the Lord, or you want to learn from the lives of these legendary heroes of faith (but heroes who have their own share of sinful weaknesses), then I hope you will dive right in. As you study, please share your own comments with us by posting them to the discussion at the end of each lesson.

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