Colossians Bible Study Guide – 8 Free Online Lessons With Questions

Jesus is the center of our faith. We call ourselves “Christians” or followers of Christ. What is our Savior like? Who exactly is He? What is His relationship with and plan for us? The Book of Colossians looks at this questions carefully. Jesus is the central figure in the book. As you study it, you will develop a deeper understanding of and appreciation for Jesus than ever before. And we believe it will change your life forever.

Our Bible study of Colossians contains key lessons from the passage as well as discussion questions. The discussion questions are meant to encourage active group participation in your small group Bible study. An active mind retains information better than a passive one. In addition, a number of cross-references are included which can support the text with other related Scriptures.

As you study through this book and you learn about our marvelous Savior, share with us what impresses you in the comments after each lesson.

Colossians Study Guide Book – You can get our complete Colossians Bible study as a downloadable E-book or a paperback version from Amazon.

Pick an online lesson from our Colossians Bible study guide below to get started.

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