David and Solomon Series

Life of David and Solomon Bible Study Guide – 14 Online Lessons With Questions

David and Solomon are two of the very most famous characters in the Bible. Each one’s life tells us a glorious story of God’s divine plan, grace, forgiveness, and redemption. These kings of the past lived a long ago, but we can learn many practical lessons from their lives by imitating their successes and avoiding their mistakes.

This study series gives a big picture view as it highlights the most important and memorable events in their lives. We firmly believe in the power of inductive Bible study. So each lesson focuses on one chapter or one event and then carefully examines the Biblical text. Our goal is not to teach every point inside, but instead to ask questions to facilitate personal reflection and group study. Cross-references are provided which can point you to other helpful Bible verses on the same topics. Teaching points are also included with observations about some of the key points found in the text. Finally applications are included. While there is one meaning in the Bible, there are potentially infinite applications. So these are only a starting point to help you begin to think what you can do to apply the Word to your own life and situation.

We hope that you will share your thoughts with us and others who follow you by leaving comments on the lessons as you go through. And remember that studying without obedience is not beneficial. For each lesson, consider how God wants you to obey!

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