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1 Corinthians Bible Study Guide – 21 Free Online Lessons With Questions

Our 1 Corinthians Bible study guide contains 21 free lessons. Each lesson goes through one passage with a simple goal to study and obey the Scripture. Teaching points can give you key insights into the meaning of the text. Application points encourage targeted ways to let God’s Word transform you. And discussion questions can help you delve deeper or lead a small group Bible study.

Corinth was an important economic and cultural city in the ancient world. It had prospered due to nearby overland trade routes, which were used by ship merchants to haul their ships by land instead of sailing the long way around. But the city was so corrupt that an idiom was coined “like a Corinthian,” which meant someone who was extremely immoral. A famous temple of Aphrodite was built honoring the goddess. The temple employed over 1000 sex slaves.

It was in this toxic atmosphere that Paul helped to plant a church. However, he then left to do ministry elsewhere. More than perhaps any other New Testament church, the church at Corinth struggled mightily. Sinful culture was creeping in and influencing church members. Thus most of this book is Paul’s correction and reproof toward the wayward Corinthians. However, it is an important reminder to us of the challenges churches face in the modern day where culture around us seems to be drifting ever farther away from truth.

Join us as we study through this letter and learn how the power of God’s truth can change lives.

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