Daniel Bible Study 15 Lessons

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Inductive Studies in Daniel – Small Group Studies with Discussion Questions

The book of Daniel is fittingly named after both its author and its key protagonist. Daniel serves as an amazing example of how to live for God in the midst of a dark world and a pagan culture. If you think you find it hard to be a light for the Lord in your culture, Daniel likely found it harder.

Far from home? Check. Exile? Check. Almost alone in a foreign land? Check. Trying to stand up to a powerful leader who has the power to kill you? Check. In spite of all of these challenges, Daniel managed to live a pristine life as a follower of God. He is one of the very few characters in the Bible where you would be hard pressed to find one single weakness recorded.

The story of Daniel teaches us that we can serve God faithfully no matter what circumstances are around us. No one can control you or make you sin. No one can take away your faith no matter how hard they try. I hope that the study of this book will encourage you to, like Daniel, shine the light of Christ in your own culture.

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