Ephesians Bible Study Guide – 11 Free Online Lessons With Questions

Our Ephesians Bible study contains 11 practical lessons. Each online lesson will guide you through one passage with the goal to help you understand it and make practical application.

Ephesians is the second book we would recommend to a Bible study group to dive into after the book of Mark. The first three chapters of Ephesians expound on the very core foundations of faith which we have as believers. Salvation, Holy Spirit, predestination, redemption, faith, and Jesus are just a few of the doctrines which Paul covers.

But he does not leave his readers with just a bunch of spiritual truths. In the last three chapters he clearly shows us how believers are to apply these lessons into our own lives. If you will faithfully study these six chapters we know that you can grow to new heights in your faith.

Since the book is only six chapters long, it provides a very good length for Bible study groups to commit to roughly three months of study once per week. The lessons are designed as a resource which can help teachers both understand and teach the text of Ephesians. One key part of their design is the extensive discussion questions, which are suggested to encourage Bible study members to participate and critically use their own minds to understand the text. Jesus Himself asked many questions of His disciples because it is a very effective teaching method. As you study through them, be sure to leave your comments and suggestions so we can benefit from your insights!

Ephesians E-Book Study – If this study is helpful, you can download our complete Ephesians study in PDF or other E-book versions.

Paperback Book – You can also order a paperback version of the complete Study Ephesians book from Amazon.

Pick a lesson from our Ephesians Bible study guide below to start your journey through Ephesians today.

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