Joshua 15 Bible Study Lessons

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Inductive Studies in Joshua – Small Group Studies with Discussion Questions

The book of Joshua marks a transition for the Israelites. They have been slaves in Egypt for four hundred years. During this time in captivity they have been praying for deliverance and looking forward to the time when they can return back to the Promised Land, promised to Abraham and his descendants hundreds of years before. Now they are the doorstep. But it will not be as easy as they may have anticipated. Many challenges are in front of them. They have many battles to fight against people more numerous and stronger than they. But they also have battles against their own temptations, greed, laziness, and complacency. We may think that the events in this book are ancient history and have little impact on our lives today. But this is the wrong.

The lessons in the book of Joshua are highly practical. Many principles can be directly applied to our challenges and struggles today. Our lessons can be a key resource as you study through this book. It can enrich your personal study. Or it can be a helpful aid for leaders of small groups to prepare weekly studies for their own Bible study group. Teaching points highlight key lessons from the chapter. Questions are written which are designed to facilitate open discussion and sharing. Cross-references provide helpful comparisons to other Scriptures. So join with us and study this amazing book about God’s provision for His people.

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