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Free Revelation Bible Study Lessons – Practical Study Guides With Discussion Questions

Revelation is a book that many people are uneasy about studying. It is mysterious and puzzling. There are beasts, plagues, metaphors, symbols, visions, and strange beings. Many of the best Bible scholars in the world do not agree on how to interpret it. This difficulty has led many to avoid the book altogether. Those who do are missing out.

Revelation is the only book in the Bible that contains a blessing for those who read and obey it. This is God’s way of saying it is well worth the time you will spend on it! While it is difficult to understand every detail, the main themes are clear. Verse 1 says that this is a “Revelation of Jesus.” More than anything else, this book  is a record of how Jesus will be unveiled for all to see. And that is exciting. No longer will there be any atheists who scoff at the idea of a God. Everyone will see Him. Everyone will bow to Him.

The prophecies in Revelation give us hope. All of the trials, difficulties, and temptations we face now pale with what God has in store for us in the glorious future He has prepared for His church. It is a record of the cosmic battle between good and evil. And in the end, Jesus wins.

Choose a Bible study guide below to start your study of this amazing book. Each free Bible study lesson on Revelation covers one passage and can be used for small group or individual study.

Revelation Bible Study Guide – If this study is helpful, you can download the whole Revelation study in PDF, get the paperback from Amazon, or also get the 7 Churches in Revelation study.

Revelation Bible study guide
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