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Haggai Bible Study Guide – Free Inductive Bible Study Lessons

The book of Haggai is short, containing only two chapters. However, it provides amazing behind the scenes insight into the events described in Ezra. The people had returned to the land of Israel after seventy years of captivity. When they returned they experienced a spiritual high, being enthusiastic to celebrate the prescribed biblical festivals and rebuild their city. Their first task was to rebuild the temple and they engaged on it energetically. But where God is working Satan is also often working.

Enemies came to discourage the people from continuing the work. And they succumbed to the temptation. Work on the temple was stopped. But what were the people doing? How long did the work stop? What did they work on instead? What did God think of their decision to delay His house?

You can find all of these answers and more in our Bible study guide of Haggai. Haggai was a prophet from God sent specifically to rebuke the people and encourage them to return to the work God had prepared for them.

Although these events happened over two thousand years ago, we can learn many practical lessons which still apply to our lives today. Some lessons which we will learn in this book include:

  • Understanding why it is important to evaluate your own lives and life direction.
  • Learning to focus on the proper priorities.
  • Putting God first in every area.
  • Being alert to the subtle temptations of worldly culture and materialism which surrounds us.
  • Understanding that God has chosen us for a reason and will fulfill His plans through us even when we may not see it.

Haggai E-book Bible Study GuideYou can get the whole Haggai study guide in one convenient e-book.

Jump into the free study lessons below and start your amazing journey of discovery through this ancient book.

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