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Exodus Bible Study Guide – 30 Free Online Lessons With Questions

Join us as we study chapter by chapter the amazing book of Exodus. It is rich in history and theme. The theme is seen right in the name, the Exodus. At the beginning of this book the Hebrew people have no nation and no land and no rights. They have been slaves in Egypt for four hundred years. The promises God made to Abraham look distant and seem impossible. Yet the people keep praying to the Lord and He answers.

We will see how God chooses his instrument of deliverance for his people, Moses. As much as the story of Exodus is a story of God’s deliverance of His people, it also a personal journey for Moses who changes dramatically throughout the book. From a young baby, to a timid young man, to a doubting and unwilling messenger, and finally to a faithful and powerful leader. When God chooses someone to serve Him, He will work in their lives and help them to accomplish all that He desires for them to do.

In our inductive study of the book of Exodus, we will learn many lessons from the real history in this book. Although this happened thousands of years ago it is still incredibly relevant to our lives in the 21st century. You will be amazed at how many practical applications that can transform your life are found within the pages of this book.

Each online lesson contains study notes which are filled with discussion questions, cross-references, verse by verse commentary, and applications. You can use the discussion questions for your own meditation or to facilitate small group discussion. Cross-references are carefully selected Scriptures which provide helpful insight or fill in more useful information. Begin studying, and obeying today!

Pick a chapter from our Exodus Bible study guide below to begin.

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