Habakkuk Bible Study 4 Lessons

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Habakkuk Inductive Bible Study Guide – 4 Online Lessons For Small Groups With Questions

Habakkuk explores many of the sticky questions of our faith. Why does God not immediately act against sin? How can God use the wicked to accomplish His plans? What is the relationship between people’s responsibility and God’s sovereignty?

When Habakkuk does not understand what he is seeing around him, he does not remain silent or hide his feelings. Instead he takes his feelings to God and sincerely questions why he is seeing the circumstances around him. What follows is an intensely intimate conversation between God and Habakkuk in which we are privileged to a bird’s eye view.

Join with us in studying this astonishing exchange between God and a confused observer. If you do, we are sure your own faith will be strengthened and you will be encouraged to open up and draw near to God when you face doubts or confusion.

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Pick an online lesson from our Habbakuk Bible study guide below to get started.

We hope you enjoy studying the gospel of Habakkuk in your own small group.

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