Nehemiah Bible Study - 14 Lessons

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Nehemiah Bible Study Guide – 14 Online Lessons With Discussion Questions

Nehemiah was a natural leader of men. His prayer life, faith, and boldness in the face of extreme duress is remarkable and an inspiration. The historical times this book covers were extremely challenging. Although the remnant of Israel had returned to Jerusalem after seventy years of exile, the land and their city was in extremely poor condition.

Jerusalem was practically in ruins. The people were a laughingstock to all of their neighbors, who openly rooted for their failure. The city was completely defenseless. And since Jerusalem was still a vassal of Persia, how could they ever get permission to rebuild the walls?

Nehemiah had a high position as cup-bearer to the Persian king. But he never forgot the Promised Land which God had given to His ancestors. When Nehemiah heard about the desperate condition of his people, his heart broke. After months of fasting and prayer, the king noticed his sad condition. Now Nehemiah had his chance! Would he have the courage to tell the king their problem? Would the king respond?

The wall of Jerusalem which Nehemiah inspired the people to build is mostly broken down long ago. But the lessons learn from his life and leadership remain. Embark on this remarkable journey with us as we observe how Nehemiah navigates the difficult challenges in this near impossible mission.

Our Nehemiah Bible study guide is designed with small group fellowships in mind, but you can also study the online lessons by yourself and use the questions to dig deeper into the text.

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Nehemiah Bible Study Guide

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