1 Peter Study Guide - 11 Lessons

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1 Peter Bible Study Guide – Small Group Studies with Discussion Questions

Our 1 Peter Bible study guide contains 11 free and practical lessons. A key theme in 1 Peter is suffering. Peter knows that believers around the world will experience persecution because of their belief in the Lord. A large part of his letter is focused on encouraging them and preparing them for the difficulties that will come their way. He also exhorts them to keep the faith and to maintain a good attitude no matter how unfair the treatment that they experience becomes.

Though believers in much of the world do not face the levels of persecution as Peter’s original readers, we do face trials and sufferings of many different kinds. Sometimes it is hard for us to understand the “why” and it is a test of our faith whether or not we can persevere. If you face trials (that is pretty much everybody!) then this book can help you respond to those in a Christlike way.

Each lesson has discussion questions which you can use for your own personal study or as a small group leader. Cross-references provide supporting Bible verses which can be used as a resource to further understand the text. And verse by verse commentary highlight various observations which can brought out during the study. We encourage you to make your own applications as you study through this important letter from Jesus’ most outspoken disciple.

1 Peter Study Guide Book – You can get our complete 1 Peter Bible study as a downloadable E-book or a paperback version from Amazon.

Pick an online lesson from our 1 Peter Bible study guide to start learning this amazing book.

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