Malachi Bible Study 5 Lessons

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Malachi Bible Study Guide – 5 Online Lessons With Discussion Questions

Malachi is the book-end of the Old Testament. After this book was written, the people of Israel would not hear divine revelation from God for four hundred years. The people of Israel at the time of Malachi claimed to honor God. They were very religious. More than willing to offer sacrifices or visit the temple or sing praises to God, most people would have concluded that their relationship with God had never been better.

Malachi was not one of those people. Through Malachi God condemned His people for their hard hearts and selfish ways. But though the people lived in an age when there were no cell phones or airplanes, the spiritual struggles that they faced are very similar to ours.

Some of the key themes in this book include divorce, giving, rituals verses true faith, and more. Nowadays many church goers are caught in the same trap as the Israelites at that time. While many are very religious outwardly, sometimes the heart is not fully committed to God. Do you want to learn better how to put God first in these areas truly from your heart?

If so, I hope you will join us in this exciting verse by verse study of Malachi. The lessons found contained within are intensely practical. Be sure to share with us what you have learned in the comments as you go through.

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Malachi Bible Study Guide

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