Study Joshua Ebook: Into the Promised Land By Faith and Courage


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The book of Joshua marks a transition for the Israelites. They have been slaves in Egypt for four hundred years. During this time in captivity they have been praying for deliverance and looking forward to the time when they can return back to the Promised Land, promised to Abraham and his descendants hundreds of years before. Now they are the doorstep. But it will not be as easy as they may have anticipated. Battles within and without lay in store…

The Study and Obey Bible study series helps you to navigate through the passages either for personal or group study. Our goal is not only to help you understand the rich principles found in Joshua, but most importantly know how to live out.

Our easy to follow Joshua study contains:

– 15 passage by passage lessons to take you or your group through Joshua one section at a time.

– Discussion questions for each passage to stimulate critical thinking and group discovery of the important principles.

– Thematic and relevant cross-references to save your time flipping through the Bible while having related verses at your finger-tips.

– Hundreds of teaching points and observations to help you understand the text in a deep, but practical way. Emphasis is placed on obedience throughout.

– Over 60 practical applications designed to show how Joshua is relevant to our lives today and encourage obedience in response to the text.

If you have been spending (or wasting) a lot of time trying to find study materials for this book, our Study Joshua E-book can help. The lessons are designed for everyday believers rather than for academic scholars.

We hope you will enjoy the fifteen lessons inside as you draw close to God and help others to know Him better.

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