Study 2 Timothy – Paul’s Last Words: Disciples Fight the Good Fight


2 Timothy Bible study guide in one convenient E-book. Includes seven weekly lessons for individuals or groups. Each lesson contains discovery questions, cross-references, teaching points, and applications. After purchase immediately download in Epub, Mobi, or PDF formats. Or download from the Amazon Kindle store.

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2 Timothy is the last epistle written by Paul. As he reflects on his life, he encourages Timothy to stand firm and keep fighting the good fight.  One of the three pastoral epistles written by Paul along with 1 Timothy and Titus. In this letter we can see Paul’s personal relationship with Timothy as he exhorts Timothy to endure in suffering, pursue godliness and be zealous for the gospel no matter what obstacles he may face.

Paul wrote this letter to Timothy from the dark confines of a Roman prison. These bars did not stop him from spreading the gospel and he exhorts Timothy to likewise persevere in spreading the good news of the gospel.

The lessons in this book are helpful for every disciple who wants to follow Jesus and lead others to do the same!

Our easy to follow 2 Timothy study guide contains:

– 7 practical lessons which can be studied weekly by yourself or with a group.

– Thematic and relevant cross-references which add insight and reinforce each week’s text.

– Discussion questions for each passage to help you and your group interact on a deeper level.

– Teaching points and observations to help you understand the text in a deep, but practical way. Emphasis is placed on obedience throughout.

– Many practical applications designed to encourage life transformation based on each passage.

We hope you will enjoy these lessons as you learn to be a more faithful disciple of Jesus.

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