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Accountability Software – Two Great Tools to Help You Win the Fight for Purity

Is the internet good or bad? The answer is “it depends.”

It is amazing to have so many resources at the tips of our fingers. Almost any question can be answered within seconds. We can find Bible studies, commentaries, and sermons on any page of the Bible for free. We can communicate with family and friends across the world just by pushing a button. I have been using the internet to have Bible studies with people across the world online due to Covid.

But the internet also brings us within a click of many temptations. Obviously porn is a huge one and there are many statistics that show it is overwhelming both society and the church. Many Christian men and even women struggle with it. They want to break free, but find it so hard when temptation is so close. Internet temptations don’t stop there though either. Celebrity gossip websites, unsuitable movies, or just the temptation of spending too much time online can all be a struggle.

Porn hurts marriages, creates unrealistic expectations, diminishes the enjoyment of God-given sex within marriage, changes how our brain works, and causes overwhelming guilt.

There are two basic solutions to this problem.

1. Cut the cord. Go completely offline. It is challenging to do this, but most would probably do much better spiritually if they could completely distance themselves from this temptation.

2. Install accountability software onto your computer. You can add one or more partners who will receive reports about what sites you visit online. James 5:16 says, “Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed.

God intended for us to help each other in our spiritual walks. There is no shame in admitting a struggle to another believer and asking for help. Simple accountability can be a very powerful motivator to help believers stay pure online and avoid temptation.

God changes us from the inside out, but a person once said the definition of insanity is to keep repeating the same thing but expecting a different result. Accountability software is a vital tool in helping you achieve a different (holy) result in your internet use.

One highly recommended resource is Setting Captives Free. This site has many helpful resources, courses, and partners to help you achieve purity.

Below are two of the very best accountability software tools with a simple review of each. If you want to protect your family, your church, then considering downloading one today. A small monthly fee is nothing considered to the eternal importance of this issue.

Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes is a tool you can download which will track the websites you visit. Its recent screen technology goes even further, using AI to determine what you are viewing on your screens. It can work with unlimited devices on any all platforms including: Mac, Android, Windows, and IOS. You can add allies who receive reports and alerts on your activity. Information will be kept private and secure.

“Blurred screenshots are sent over HTTPS and stored using AES 256 bit encryption. We never send un-blurred screenshots.”

The goal of Covenant Eyes is make it impossible to circumvent, disable, or uninstall with your allies knowing. The idea is to “make no opportunity for the flesh.”

Price is $15.99 per month. They also offer plans for churches.

They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

As the industry leader Covenant Eyes is our top choice for breaking free from the power of porn.


Accountable2You was established by a believer whose goal was to create an accountability software that did not hurt internet speed or cause other tech difficulties.

It also works on Mac, Windows, IOS, and Android, as well as Kindle and Linux.


  • $6.99 per month for individuals or $69.99 per year.
  • $11.99 per month for families or $119.99 per year.
  • Church group plan $5.59 per month for individuals and $9.59 per month for families.
  • Small business plans $14.99 per month plus $0.99 per installation.

Accountable2You does not want to add temptation to the accountability partners so they normally try to only show the title of the pages visited in reports rather than the whole URL address.

They have instant text alerts to accountable partners to alert them of any objectionable content.

With our link you can get a free 30 day trial instead of the normal 10 days.

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