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Philippians 2:12-20 Discussion Questions


I. Christian Living Applications (12-18)

A. Examine yourselves (12-13)

B. Live as lights in the world (14-16)

C. Maintain joy in all kinds of situations (17-18)

II. Paul’s plans to send Timothy and Epaphroditus (19-30)

A. Timothy commended (19-23)

B. Paul’s hope to go by himself (24)

C. Epaphroditus commended (25-30)



What does it show about the Philippians that they obeyed whether Paul was there or not?

Is it easier to do the right thing when others or watching or when we are by ourselves?

Then how can we help to ensure that we obey God all the time?

What does it mean to work out your salvation? Why with fear and trembling? What is the relationship of this instruction to the previous passage?


What is verse 13s relationship with verse 12? How can it help believers knowing that God is also at work in us?

Why does God do this work? It is for His good pleasure, but is it good for us too?


Why do we tend to grumble? Everybody mention one thing you sometimes/often grumble about?

What does disputing mean? What do you think is the normal cause for disputing? (Pride, wanting to be right)

1 Timothy 6:4 – Has a morbid interest in controversy and disputes about words.


Explain the phrase “prove yourselves”. Prove to whom? Were they blameless and innocent? Then how could they prove it? (This is the process of sanctification.)

What are believers referred to here (Children of God)? How about unbelievers (crooked and perverse generation)? How about today’s generation?

Why is this kind of behavior like shining a light in the world? Do you think when people look at you they a see a light, or just more of the same?


What is the word of life? Do you remember the five ways we can hold fast the word of God?

When is the day of Christ?

What do Paul’s running/toiling refer to? Why were these not in vain? What kind of life is in vain?

1 Cor 3:12-


What is a drink offering?

What is Paul encouraging them to do in these two verses?


Why did Paul think so highly of Timothy? What does the phrase “kindred spirit” mean? What was the problem with the other people Paul might have sent?


What does the word “worker” convey about the life of a believer? How about soldier?

Why is Eph called “your messenger”?

Did the Phps know him? How do you know?

How did Eph’s healing effect Paul?

Why should they hold him in high regard? What does this verse tell us about how we should treat Christian workers in general?

Study Philippians 3:1-11