Free Chinese and English Bilingual Bible Study Materials Available for Download Online

While ministering to young adults whose native language is not English, we have sometimes found it hard to find adequate Bible study materials with both Chinese and English. Having bilingual books is a great help if you are holding a Bible study in English and will really help comprehension.

The following Bible discussion resources have been compiled, translated, and in some cases written by us and some of our fellow workers. They contain Chinese side by side with English. We do not seek to profit from these materials, but want to make them available to anyone and everyone for using to serve God to spread the gospel and fulfill the Great Commission wherever you are. Please feel free to download them (they are in pdf format), print them, and copy them.

Below the table is a short introduction of each resource. Most of them are basic courses designed to build a foundational understanding of the Christian faith, to disciple believers, or to introduce the Bible to seekers.

Fundamental of the Faith (FOF) – This is a ten lesson course covering the basics of the Christian faith including the Bible, God, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, Prayer, and the Church. It is great to introduce the Bible and the gospel to seekers or new believers or deepen the understanding of any Christian.

Good News Bridge Graphic with 20 Points in Chinese – This is a simple graphic with the good news bridge simplified to 20 points so that you can memorize these points for the purpose of sharing the gospel.

Good News Studies Book 1 – This six lesson study course is intended to introduce the Bible and the basics of Christianity to those with little background knowledge of the Word. It contains lessons on the gospel, the Bible, God’s promises, Jesus, and God. Each lesson has self-study questions and memory verses related to the lesson that can be given as homework.

Good News Studies Book 2 – This six lesson curriculum is a follow up to Good News Studies Book 1. It is designed to disciple new believers in the basics of the faith including: Lordship, The Word, Prayer, Fellowship, and Evangelism. It contains self-study questions and memory verses for each chapter.

With Him Quiet Times – Goes through the book of Philippians with the purpose of teaching disciples how to have a quiet time with the Lord. Contains discussion questions, illustrations, memory verses, and more. Teaches Lordship and how to lead a Bible discussion with others.

Gospel of John Assurances – This is a five lesson course containing the good news bridge and basic lessons on assurance and fellowship. The Good News Studies Book 1 is loosely based on this materials, but has been revamped and extended extensively.

Song of the Wanderer – This is an online apologetics book available for download that is a tremendous resource to give to Chinese. It was written by a one time atheist who shared modern Chinese worldviews. He came to believe in God from science and wrote this book to explain the reasons for the faith to skeptics in his homeland. I personally know many Chinese who have been impacted by this book.

Timothy Training Course – This five lesson discipleship course was originally developed by Asian missionary Roy Robertson. It has since gone through several changes, but contains the same core Navigator chapters on The Wheel, the Hand of the Word, and the Hand of Prayer.

Quiet Time Notebook – This book is designed to encourage young believers to spend regular time in the Word. It contains helpful resources on quiet times including schedules, note areas, and Bible reading plans.

All materials are 100% free, but we would ask that if you intend to distribute them widely that you send us an email explaining your purpose and method of distribution. Thank you for cooperation.

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